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Mold Inspection

Advanced mold testing is the process of testing the surface, carpet, and/or air for the presence of mold. These samples must be collected and sent off for laboratory analysis. The most simple form of testing is "Surface Swabbing" or "Tape Lifts". A more through test is "Air Sampling" where we collect two air samples through the use of filters and vacuum pumps. One sample is from the area of the home in question, and the other sample is from the outside of the home. This allows us to be sure the mold tested did indeed come from the home, and not an outside source. "Carpet Testing" is another option for gathering mold samples. Here, we use a vacuum pump to draw suction across a pre-determined measurement of carpet area. This suction forces the air through a filter trapping the mold spores for laboratory analysis. We can also conduct "Inner Wall Air Samplings". Wall cavities have long been identified as sources of mold contamination. Growth of this contamination can occur as a result of water damage / leaks or construction defects. Assessment of this contamination is necessary in many cases, and reducing the amount of destruction while doing so is important. Here, we make a small 3/8" hole low on the wall near or behind the baseboard, then we insert a small tube into the hollow portion of the wall where we use a vacuum pump to draw out the air into our filter trapping the mold spores for laboratory analysis.

Air Collection Sampling Surface Swab Sampling Tape Lift Sampling Inner Wall Air Sampling

With any type of mold inspection, the process often focuses on areas of the home that provide a setting that is ideal for the growth of different types of mold. In many homes, this means looking closely at any area that is susceptible to some sort of moisture problem. Kitchens, bathrooms, attics, windowsills, and enclosed areas that contain water pipes are some examples of places where mold can set up and begin to proliferate if left unchecked.

Since mold can begin to grow and spread before becoming easily visible, it is often necessary to augment any home inspection with a mold inspection. This makes it possible to locate and remove dangerous mold before it has a chance to emit spores into air ducts or spread to other areas of the home undetected.

The frequency for conducting a mold inspection will vary from one location to another, as well as be influenced by the quality of the construction of the building. For example, an older home that is constructed mainly of wood and is located in a humid climate will likely be more susceptible to the development of mold than a newer home built in a dry climate.

Our Advanced Mold Test may include "Surface Swabs", "Tape Lifts", "Carpet Testing", "Inner Wall Air Samplings", and/or room "Air Sampling" to gather samples to be tested in a laboratory. In approximately 72 hours after the samples are gathered, these laboratory results (detailing the types and quantities of mold found) will then be presented to the homeowner to review.

The time needed to complete our Advanced Mold Test typically takes about 2 hours in the home, and then another 72 hours to receive the results from the laboratory.

It is important to note that we DO NOT offer any type of mold removal, or offer recommendations for mold removal companies. This would be a serious "Conflict of Interests", and you should be wary of anyone who offers to inspect for mold, and also offers to remove the mold that they find, or put you in touch with someone they recommend.

Typical mold growth from moisture Discovered in kitchen pantry behind food

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