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Specialty Inspections

Below are some of the different inspection services that we offer. These are not as commonly performed as our others, so we have listed them here on one page. Also, because these are a little different, they must be priced on a case by case basis.

Condominium and Townhome Inspections

These inspections are quite different than our Standard Home Inspections because almost all of this inspection will be based on the Interior findings. Due to the fact that most condominiums are sandwiched between upper and lower floors, and the exterior is often inaccessible (and not your responsibility anyway), we concentrate on what is your responsibility - the Interior. These inspections are always offered at a lower price than our Standard Home Inspections, and can qualify for our 100 Day Inspection Certification. Please call for details.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

These inspections are popular to customers who have already had a Standard Home Inspection with us. We will return to your home approximately 1 year after the initial inspection for a re-inspection. Because we will have the first inspection with us, we can closely monitor the home as it ages, to be sure that everything stays within the scope of the normal System Life Expectancies. Because we have seen the home one year earlier, we can spot issues that happening earlier than they should. This is an invaluable tool for on-going Preventive Maintenance, and to provide Piece of Mind that your home is safe and healthy and will remain that way for years to come. These Annual Home Maintenance Inspections are performed at lower prices than the initial inspection, so it's smart to make it part of your yearly home maintenance budget.

Renters Inspections

These inspections are popular to several types of people...

  • For the Landlord - If you own a property that you are renting, and your tenant is moving out, we will come in and perform a modified home inspection to be sure that everything is still in place, and working correctly, before you return the security deposit.

  • For the Tenant - If you are moving into a property, especially if it is a RENT TO OWN contract, and you want to document the overall condition of the home. This is invaluable when you have to deal with the landlord when you leave and you are trying to get your security deposit returned.

Vacant or Vacation Home Inspections

These inspections are popular for people who divide their time between a home here, and another home somewhere else. We will go into the home on a pre-determined schedule (set by you) possibly every week, every 2 weeks, every month, or whatever you decide, and check out the home. We are trained to spot the problems that your neighbor might miss. We will be sure that the house is safe and secure, that the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning or heating are all working properly. We will then send you our report via e-mail to your location. The price for this service is very reasonable, and provides you with great Peace of Mind that everything is just as you left it.

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